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UPDATED: October 14th, 2016

Originally published in 2009

When purchasing an Adult Video Chat System or a simple Webcam Script, everyone is always looking for that best “Deal”, cheap enough for us to afford, but is affordability always the better deal when starting a new business?

Sometimes a good deal can also end up being nothing more than a good marketing scheme. In this article the truth between a webcam script and a full fledge adult video chat business solution will be discussed, it’s up to you to decide what is best for you, but at least knowing the facts before you purchase may save you more money in the long run.

Webcam script vs. Full Service Provider: There are many different variations available when looking to start a new adult video chat business, but inevitably most potential web cam business owner’s look at buying software first, before actually putting a full-fledged business plan together. If you fall into the look for software first category then this article is for you. There are many so called “Adult Webcam Script” providers popping up all over the search engines, no point in targeting one particular company, just Google it’s not hard to find them, but what are they really selling you?

Generally any business that truly makes money didn’t start from a $200 piece of software, especially if you are one of the “Newbie” adult online business owners. Below are the requirements for starting a new adult web cam business (The bare minimum).

Adult Webcam Script (Software) - The Server: When you purchase adult webcam scripts (Adult Video Chat Software), you also need (We are targeting flash based systems, as WebRTC is coming but this will be in the next article) a server, enough to handle any load, also just like the software portion of your new business it’s also a major part, there are good providers and not so good providers. Unless you are system administrator, network engineer or one of those weekend warriors that just likes spending all your time screwing with online server components, then getting a server for cheap with unmanaged service is simply just a bad business decision. When it goes down or has problems, (Which anyone that thinks this will never happen, has something to learn) it is going to either cost you an arm and a leg to fix, or you will just end up with a page cannot be found eventually, server costs to repair with an unmanaged service will eat you up in the long run as you can't run an online business if no one can use your services.

The Software: Good software is in essence like a car, cheap software being a cheap ford and cutting edge software being a Formula 1 Race Car. There is so much code that goes into a properly coded adult video chat software (If done right) than most could understand (one of the main reasons you see very few proper providers, at the time of updating maybe 3 at most). Thinking you can just hire a programmer and say "I want to clone this video webcam site" with the programmer saying "Sure no problem" in 30-60 days you are told you will have a completed webcam system, then the reality sets in that maybe in 6 to 12 months if you are lucky, but most likely not, that if he even sticks around long enough to finish the project on the original bid price (Honestly those that have not ever built a qualified system will find it very difficult to produce and definitely not in any reasonable amount of development time). A good, secure video chat software takes time, a proper team of senior developers, which comes with a large monthly development price tag, a team of 5 can easily cast you in the ranges of $10,000 to $15,000 per month to keep your developers working. The minimum time (for the unskilled video chat developer, which is probably a light estimate) to build a video chat system from the ground up, a 1-2 year time frame is the bare minimum, anyone that says different has rocks in their head. Getting to the point simply, if you are only paying a few hundred or so dollars for your web cam script, what are you really getting, and is it going to help me make money?

Programming core languages: Webcam script building - here are the top languages used, as number 1 being the best.

  • Node.js (Pure JavaScript): A new language probably best suited for Real Time Web Technologies (Video chats), you will find that qualified coders are very expensive. Programmer or team must be very organized and disciplined to keep clean coding standards.
  • Java: - generally secure, uses quite a bit more code to deploy projects, projects that use Java generally use more resources, runtime is slower than Node.js. Java coders are generally more expensive than PHP coders, but about the same as Node.js programmers.
  • PHP: - Not as Secure but one of the fastest to code as your code will generally be far less to code then java, but a very limited and weak language) Coders are cheaper.
  • Python: A very good server side scripting language, uses fewer lines of code and is a clean platform.  Python though is much slower than even Java in a runtime environment, not the best for high end projects requiring intensive applications.

We will not be discussing frameworks as there are so many to choose from for each language generally.

Security: Anyone that says your web site won’t get hacked or is fool proof, has rocks in their head (To put it bluntly) unless your software was built with security in mind day 1, each day becomes a greater risk as you are putting more time and or money into your marketing as well as paying to build out your system. Generally when you purchase a cheap webcam script, sure they look descent, when you set it up, but are they really secure? A good software for video chat honestly takes years to produce as we said previously, whenever someone says I can build you a webcam software for adult video chat in under 6 months from the ground up, what you are going to get is (If you actually get it at all) a video chat software that isn’t very secure (if not really buggy with lots of problems). When and if you actually do start making money, when a private show is going on, makes good sense to have true private shows and not ones that came from hacking into your webcam script, for free. You end up paying the models salary, regardless, or you lose both ways, either you lose the model or you lose the money. Sure there are many variables but security in mind should be a major focus day 1, saving money in the long run is going to cost you more, than if you just bought a qualified webcam solution in the beginning.

Some of the proper techniques but not limited to are, encrypted login and passwords using salt or equivalent, AES 256 encryption for chat messages, private and user authentication, maybe in the form of a token with IP, or other various methods. If using Wowza stream server technology they have an https Streamlock certificate that encrypts your video stream, but you should always use an https certificate no doubt in any case. Your system will only be a secure if all the pieces are in place and that starts with a good secure hardening of your server, this is very much recommended (if you are using a managed service just because it is managed does not mean it is secure, far from it, this just means that they fix server related problems only, if you get hacked they will take care of it most likely, but only at your request, certain techniques or features may cost extra). Just keep in mind that a lot of your security for the software should have been planned in the very beginning, adding it later can be very troublesome and if you think your cheap webcam script is very secure, think again, as most are developed in PHP probably one of the weakest programming languages, sure fast to code but very limited.

Adult Web cam Script providers that offer a source code with your purchase for only a few hundred dollars: Every person that buys that software has the same source code, your security goes right out the window. Doesn't take much for that source to end up on a torrent site, where anyone can download it, find a hole and what you have is your new business wide open to anyone that wants you. Source files of Qualified Service Providers/Builders usually remain with those providers for one of the reasons just mentioned.

Media Stream Server: What is a video stream server software? It is used to build, deploy, and manage high-quality live video and on-demand video streaming whether live or pre-recorded, which makes it one of the main components needed for running your video chat system. When searching for the proper system keep in mind that Flash is what we believe on its way out eventually with WebRTC taking over, as you see that your mobile telephones like android and apple do not use flash anymore, flash is a very heavy and very buggy and hard to secure, but unfortunately it is still the best solution at the time of writing this article. As said above with flash we believe on its way out you should look for a solution that will handle the next wave of technology we have found one variant and that was Wowza, already offers a WebRTC License and preview of the upcoming software changes. With a flash system you will be required to use another type of software called a transcoder this will enable your mobile telephones like apple and android to convert your flash stream to a language like (HLS) that your mobile phone can understand, this is not only, but in a limited sense correct. Red 5 seems to be making its way back from the dead with an upcoming WebRTC streaming through browser without a plugin, they have a Free version and a Paid Pro version which could be comparable to Wowza unfortunatley we have not tested the latest Red5 products at the time of this article.

We are listing the top 3 providers for stream servers for adult video chat applications

  • Wowza Media Systems: Our #1 choice, as used in companies like for around $2000 and $250 yearly, includes unlimited Transcoder for mobile applications.  A WebRTC Beta version is available as of October 2016.
  • Adobe Media Server: HIgh quality, but limited to only flash systems, starting at approx. $4500
  • Red5: An open source media server made in java.  There is a Free version and a Paid pro version available.

Web Design: There is one thing to consider when deciding on a web design which most of us do not have a strong web design background is: “Is the design based on what you like or what other like”? Generally we will nitpick a web design to death only to realize in the end that truthfully, it did nothing more than cost you more money, a clean well organized design based on the features you have does help by all means, but this is generally is more of a selling point for designers that brings no more money than if we had just live models on a page with a white background (Member traffic will always be king and those who have traffic on a crappy design vs. those who have a beautiful graphical page with no traffic is worthless. Keep your web page simple, fast loading and you will find your customers will respond to you later with their likes and dislikes (that’s what email and suggestions are for).

Credit Card Processor: Remember that not all credit card processors will work seamlessly with a video chat system, matter of fact there isn't one credit card processor that has a universal plug n play install system. If the builder of the software has not previously built in the module to install the processors scripts, it’s a fight to get it to work, you’re going to need a programmer regardless, posting back the customers purchase information into your database that shows he made a purchase in Real Time is not something the general web enthusiast is going to be able to accomplish.  Pricing will vary on this service, just keep in mind it is very much a serious time consuming task, not only does one have to build in 3rd party scripts but a pay-per second or pay per minute billing engine with timers that sync with each application (member, broadcaster and administration).

Training on How to Build Member Traffic: The Hardest and absolutley the most important is how are you going to get paying members to your website. This question would take probably more pages than anyone wants to write, but it is simply the MOST IMPORTANT of all.  If you can find anyone with adult traffic related “Online Webmaster” know how, by all means you need to listen to all you can and generally you will not find this information online very easily if at all, it’s one of those well-kept webmaster secrets. There is one very controversial point that need to be addressed that there is no chicken and the egg effect, this is a myth. Everyone thinks you cannot get traffic without broadcaster’s online (models) you cannot get one without the other. The truth is you can always build traffic, even if you do not have models sure they tend to stay on a web page longer but you can still build traffic, soon as you get enough coming to your pages your models will come, once you have enough paying members your models will stay, there are some newer options available that allow broadcasters to broadcast for fun, believe it or not and accomplished this and the only known custom turnkey solution available to date that has this format is OdysseyCam.

Models: The funny thing about the model situation is you need them, but without paying members you’re going to keep them about 30 minutes, before they log off never to return again. Everyone thinks you need models first, actually it’s quite the opposite as said above, you need traffic first, otherwise the model situation is worthless.

Support: There has to be something said about a company that sells a product with only an email for support. I would have to say probably with any online business (not just Webcam Software Industry) there can’t be anything more irritating than sending an email, waiting for support to answer back, then if you get lucky enough to get anyone in a reasonable amount of time (Which maybe others luck is better than mine) before going back and forth with X amount of emails, of course at this point your issues at hand are still un-resolved. When choosing the proper provider first make sure he has a phone number, and also what hours they are available. Problems usually don't happen from the typical 9-5 time period, but usually at the most un godly hours especially when you are busy, meaning if the support is available only certain hours, go figure, you are waiting just to get ahold of anyone adding to the frustrations of general somewhat limited support services. Those of you that do not think anything should ever happen that you need support of some kind is probably living in some nice dream world and those of you have had similar experiences can justify the need that at times it would just be a nice thing to be able to pick up your telephone call the provider get the situation at hand handled in a simple timely manner.

Configurability: Very unlikley if you are buying a piece of software for only a few hundred dollars, regardless if the source is included.  Keep in mind it is better to have the original script builder make any changes and or fixes rather than hiring another coder. You will find that most programmers will agree that making changes and or additions to another’s code is usually a nightmare. The main issue is, can the provider customize their products this meaning add new features or even take out features simply? Some maybe more extensive than other depending on how many points in simple terms its touching generally the answer to this question is, NO. For reasons being, once you build an application software, every change can cause issues beyond imaginable, as it was designed the way it was and not a scalable modular project from day 1, sure you can go back in and gut it and try to do this but, you would be better off to start from ground 0 developing a system in a more modular sense for continued growth as turnkey providers do not, they are there to sell you a script ready to run out of the box. Other issues arise as well customizing older software systems if original software was not constantly updated. There does come a point with any system that we call end of life, when the coder is spending more time fixing things rather than creating them (also can be said about bad dirty programming), this is when the provider should consider starting over, rebuilding the system from the ground up. Cheap Turnkey Software is what it is, you pay for what you get, this is an experience i am sure you can read online the nightmares of getting a cheap script worked on whether it is customizing or just simple (that turn out to be not so simple) bugs that inhibit you making money.

In Summary: The dream of building a second income with little investment is a nice thought, but generally in any business it takes money to make money. Sure you can start a new online business with just a few hundred dollars, but most likely you won’t get very far, better to save the money for when you have enough to do it right, testing the waters with cheap web cam scripts generally is just a waste of money if you don’t have all the points above in place in any case. There are some descent adult webcam business solution providers out there, not just us (About 2 or 3), honest. Reason this article was written was to simply educate anyone researching about a starting a new adult webcam business.

Who are we and what is our credibility to write such an article?

OdysseyCam - Live Adult Video Chat Custom Turnkey Business Solutions: One of the first providers of Adult Video Chat Systems still in existance was established in 2003.   OdysseyCam has helped many to achieve their personal goals into becoming not only successful webcam business owners, but to provide all the points above in one easy package without the headaches of trying to do this on your own while maintaining an enterprise cutting edge system as good or better than the top 5 largest webcam websites.

Solutions: OdysseyCam offers various packages that can be customized as far as you want to take it, OdysseyCam is noted for offering an out of the box system that can be customized to your specifications.  

About OdysseyCam: With over 24+ years experience in webcam related businesses, including studio startups in 3 continents and leading technology in real time video and audio communications. We are the makers of the “One stop Shop” solution for customers requiring a “Realistic Approach” using a turnkey solution for webcam streaming video with live chat that can be customized. From custom web design to billing integration, we are noted for our experience and efficiency. Our staff of web designers and senior developers are some of the most creative and talented in the industry.

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